Regular Termite Inspections In Phoenix: A Great Way To Protect Your Home

And that is exactly why termite inspections work - and are among the best types of home inspections determining if there is any activity from timber that is destroying the bugs or organisms.

Here Is A Fact About Termite Inspection In Phoenix That You Didn't Know

A lot of people fail to realize that their general house insurance policies do NOT cover against termite damage. Even though you thought that these policies cover anything , it is a fact that they don't protect your home from these pests - and another reason to choose regular termite inspections in Phoenix carried out by professional home inspectors.

Another thing worth knowing is that all areas are affected by termites - even cold areas, where termites can hibernate until the warmer days come. These tiny home wreckers are therefore very dangerous and move in silence, eating the framework of your property and destroying it from the inside.

And no, termites do not only infest homes made of wood - they actually feast on any piece of wood structure that includes frames. Worse yet, they leave the exterior part intact after eating through the internal structures which is even more dangerous, making these pests invisible.

So, Why Do You Need Termite Inspections In Phoenix?

There are many different types of termites, and the most common ones include dry wood, subterranean and damp wood ones. The best way to deter a colony of termites is by controlling them via regular termite inspections carried out by professionals.

In the end, most people tend to ignore termite inspection in Arizona, thinking that their homes are not infected by termites at all. However, although there are no visible signs of damage - the only way to control and get rid of these dangerous termites is to have a professional termite inspector inspect and eliminate them.

Prevention is better than cure, don't you think? So, why not be one step ahead of the termites and keep your property clean and functional?

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Traps To Avoid With Home Owners Insurance And Water Damage

Additionally, not all homeowner insurance policies cover damage by hurricanes which can result in astronomical repair bills. Before the season starts, it's a good idea to review your policy and inquire about the additional emergency flood services insurance offered by your main company or a third party insurer. Be sure that you understand all the stipulations and requirements of any policy you consider.

If you decide to review your policy and get additional coverage to cover problems such as hurricanes, pay close attention to the deductible. Sometimes a deductible is a flat amount and other times it can be a percentage - either of the repair cost or your home's total value. In states where hurricanes are more likely to touch down, these deductibles can be higher due to the heightened risk. There are 17 states which are considered to be especially vulnerable to hurricanes and these of weather systems. They are Florida, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, Rhode Island and New York as well as the Washington DC area.

Some policies will not cover damage if a hurricane or other extreme weather system causes your water to surge into your home. However, if high winds damage your roof which allows water in, this could be covered. Clearly, you can see how important it is to not only consider every eventuality but also to review how your policy covers them. If any part of it is unclear or confusing to understand, arrange an appointment with your insurance representative. Often, these visits can be done within your home so that you can go through each room and even take a walk around your home to discuss areas you are most concerned with. Insurance representatives can also offer advice on ways to protect your home from damage including storm shutters, reinforcing your garage door against high winds and other measures you can take to help protect your home from high winds, heavy rains and other aspects of severe weather.

Regardless of your efforts, you may still fall victim to Mother Nature's wrath. If this happens, the time you spent reviewing your policy can come in especially handy since you will already b familiar with the procedures of your insurance company when it comes to filing a claim. Significant damage inflicted by storms is not something you should try to repair yourself. Your insurance company will probably require that you call on the services of a professional water damage repair company to come out and assess the damage as well as offer an estimate on the repair charges. Photographs or video footage of damage can be useful when filing your claim as well. Be sure to adhere to their policies and procedures and don't shy away from calling them directly if you are unsure about any aspect of them. By remaining calm and following their procedures, you will pave the way for a smooth claim process and, hopefully, timely and quality repairs to your home.

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