Easy To Clean Window Dressings

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Window dressings can be a nightmare to keep clean depending on what type you have and where you
live. If you live in a dry and dusty region, you already know how easily dust accumulates in your home.
Despite not having a great deal of surface area, dust can coat your dressings due to natural static
electricity. Pet hair and dander also have a tendency to gravitate to window dressings. Cloth dressings
will absorb any air born substances such kitchen grease or smoke causing them to discolor and stink.

So which dressings are the easiest to keep clean?
Vertical blinds are one of the easiest to keep clean because they provide no horizontal surfaces on which
dust can settle. If your vertical blinds are made of PVC or some other plastic or wood, wiping them down
with a dry or a damp cloth will make them look brand new. Because plastic does have a natural
tendency to hold a static charge, you may have to clean them frequently if you have a particularly dusty

Aluminum blinds are also easy to maintain. While dust will accumulate on them, they are sturdier than
vinyl blinds and easier to clean. Using static dusters will usually do the trick unless they are exceptionally
dirty in which case a vacuum cleaner may be necessary.

Wood and faux wood blinds are perhaps the most difficult to keep clean due to their wide horizontal
surfaces. However, the slats are spaced much wider which allows large static dusters and vacuum
attachments to go in between them. They may accumulate far more dirt than other horizontal blinds,
but they are far easier to clean. It also depends on their color. If you live in a dusty region, lighter
colored blinds will show far less dust than darker or wood tone blinds.

Roller shades can be almost maintenance free. Depending on the material, most shades can be quickly
and easily wiped with a dust cloth. Blinds that drawn most of the time will certainly be subject to more
dust and dirt build up than those kept in the rolled position. Color again will make a difference in how
often youll need to clean your roller shades.

Weve saved the best for last. Cellular shades are the easiest to keep clean under normal conditions. The
one thing you need to watch out for is moisture as they can be highly absorbent. Their construction
allows for little to no horizontal surfaces when drawn or raised. Because they do not contain any plastic,
they do not attract dust or other particulate matter you may have floating around in your house.

While most blinds are designed to be easily maintained, there are obviously varying degrees of
maintenance necessary due to their construction. Vertical blinds will always be the easiest to clean
when it comes to plastic based blinds. When it comes to horizontal window dressings roller shades and
cellular shades will be your best bet if you want a nearly maintenance free window dressing.

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