Fun Facts About Pet Vacuums

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The only downside to owning all those cute pets is the mess they are prone to leaving behind; regardless, it is not reason enough to disown all those furry creatures so full of cuteness. The reason that cleaning their mess is not as much of a dilemma as it once also helped. Pet vacuums are cleaners that are fitted with a powerful suction mechanism and could reach out to all the dirt that a pet could possible leave in its wake, including their hair.

A pet vacuum is not the “all” in one cleaner per se, but refers to all those vacuum cleaners that could help deal with the pet mess. Their common features include the ability to reach the farthest and smallest corners of the house with easy maneuverability. A pet vacuum cleaner could be of any kind as long as they can clean up the pet disaster. Most common pet vacuums include robot vacuum or portable cleaners.

No matter how many times or how long you have been acquainted with your pet vacuum cleaner, there still might be some facts that you don’t know about them. Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting ones:

  • A normal vacuum cleaner never works at picking up the pet hair; only a cleaner with whirlwind technology can do an effective job.
  • The hose of a normal vacuum cleaner is most likely to spit a hair ball when it is used to vacuum for pet hair. Most pet owners don’t even realize this and only discover once they find that the hose is overheating.
  • Ironically enough, the first power vacuum cleaner was drawn by a house. The chords and the hose were maneuvered inside the house through the windows.
  • The vacuum cleaner, in its early years, was one of the most popular and sought out home appliance, second only to an electronic iron.
  • It was not only the regular people that became large fans of the vacuum cleaner; in fact, when vacuum cleaners were used to clean the Westminster Abbey, Lord Chamberlain became so enamored with it that he bought two for the clean-up of Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.
  • Vacuum cleaners were also used as hair dryers in the earlier years by attaching them to a hot furnace.
  • Vacuum cleaners used to be so heavy that it needed two people just to handle it. Today though, we have robot vacuum cleaners that operate on their own.
  • Some of the pet vacuum cleaners nowadays are so advanced that one could probably tell if a surface had been recently cleaned with its sensors.
  • It was James Murray Spangler’s observation of allergies and asthma attacks that led to the invention of vacuum cleaners.
  • It is a fact that slow cleaning through vacuum cleaners could effectively clean up more allergens from the surfaces. Similarly, pet hairs cannot be removed easily and must be vacuumed in slow to and fro motions.

Owning pets is great, but keeping the house clean is equally important; therefore, make sure to use pet vacuum cleaners exclusively to keep your house devoid of harmful dirt and animal hair.