Garden Hose Quick Connect Product Review

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I recently discovered this really great product called a garden hose quick connect. I found it to be a good product because it is easy to use and assemble. I bought the brass hose quick connect one but I saw that there are other types of quick connect fittings so I also bought another one thats non-brass just to compare the two products.

The reason I chose the one made of brass in the first place is that it looked really sturdy and it looked like I could use it for a long time. Most of my garden hoses at home also looked like they would fit with this type of quick connect. Luckily when I got home, they did. Its a bit pricey for a small connector but I felt like I was saving money in the long run because of the benefits that it provides. The brass connector is really heavy duty and I feel like I got my moneys worth.

So here are the things I like about the quick connect water fittings made of brass. First, it made connecting garden hoses easier even when water is running. Case in point, 2 days after I bought the garden hose quick connect, I was cleaning our van. I had already completed soaping up the entire van when I realized that the hose I have was not long enough to reach the other side of the van to rinse off all those suds.

Rather than getting a pail of water and rinsing it manually, I simply found another hose and connected them together using the quick connect coupler. It took me less than 10 seconds to connect the 2 hoses together. I even connected them while the water was running and it didnt take any time at all. I continued washing the van and was able to finish in no time. Imagine if I had to get pails of water and do it manually. I could have strained my back just trying to lug those pails of water before I could finish cleaning the van.

Another time the garden hose quick connect was helpful was when I was cleaning the gutters of our house and again I didnt have a hose long enough to reach the gutters on the higher floors. I needed to connect another hose. I didnt want to go down anymore from the ladder so I asked my 11-year old son who was helping me that time to connect another hose. It was so easy to use that my son didnt have any trouble connecting the 2 hoses together.

Another great thing I liked about this product is that even if it is easy to fasten and remove it doesnt leak. A locking mechanism within the quick connect coupler ensures that they fit well within each other so that no water can escape. It also has one of those rubber washers inside the female connector so that it connects tightly and securely.

I also liked the fact that even if I connected the 2 hoses with the quick connect, the water pressure did not change. The circumference of the quick connect was wide enough to keep the water pressure in both hoses the same. I didnt feel like there was less pressure.
I also tried installing it on our outside faucet so that I can easily connect and detach the garden hose to the faucet. It worked like a charm! I liked knowing that I can easily connect and disconnect my garden hose without needing to rotate or tighten up the hose fittings like I need to with traditional garden hoses. It also doesnt leak unlike some regular hose fittings I used in the past. I use the outside faucet constantly for washing the car or watering our yard and sometimes frequent detaching and reconnecting of the hose from the faucet makes it leak. This product fixed that problem and now I feel like water isnt wasted anymore.

This product is really a good buy. I bought one for my dad for when he goes camping on his RV and need to connect 2 garden hoses for any reason and he loved it too. He loved how easy to use it was.

Overall the garden hose quick connect made connecting hoses and nozzles easier. I recommend it to anyone who likes to do some gardening, yard work or simply need a longer hose from time to time. It will save you a lot of time, effort and money so its an investment worth having. It may be a simple product but all great products usually are.